zhongbais are acting to fight against the epidemic!-世界杯买球攻略

zhongbais are acting to fight against the epidemic!

the whole nation had the most special spring festival in 2020 due to novel coronavirus has affected every chinese people by this epidemic strike. there is no visits to relatives and friends as before, only all unite by heart,get together to help wuhan against virus. 



since the outbreak in hubei,the demand of protective supplies such as masks has reached 100 times of the normal level, while the price increase more than 20 times. "even one protective mask is hard to get", mask is "the best annual gift" in 2020.



zhejiang zhongbai special fiber co. ltd. is a company of producing the raw materials for mask. on february 10, zhongbais officially return to the production line. the vice general manager-mr.wang leads a team with full of energy, loading 5 tons of spandex as the material for making 50 millions masks into a truck , which donate to zhejiang zhende medical supplies co., ltd who is a protetive supplies manufacturer.



the team of zhongbai carry spandex, sending with heart and hope, contributing their own way to the fight against the epidemic. we wish to defeat coronavirus as soon as possible! wish everyone healthy, peace and happy!