new spring of 2019 -世界杯买球攻略

new spring of 2019 -vline comfort spandex arrives secondly at shanghai international fabric & yarn expo.

           shanghai international fabric & yarn exhibition(spring)  opened on march 12, 2019. as a representative product of china's fiber trend 2019 / 2020, zhongbai special fiber introduces new brand "v line" comfort spandex including two series hifit and soft as well as its application ,made from these two series,such as medical supplier and varicose sock,gradient sock and other high elastic socks .

          hifit and soft are two characteristic spandex which are deserved. hifit is characterized by high tension ,high recovery while soft takes low tension,high recovery & comfort as the bright spot. mainly used in sportswear, tapes, socks and other fields. in the pursuit of comfort, we keep improving quality,improving service,we believe soft series is bound to be a "potential stock" under the development of fabric in coming era.