stepping into a new journey and realizing a new leap-世界杯买球攻略

stepping into a new journey and realizing a new leap

one year passing, everything is renewed. with the coming of the new year, zhejiang zhongbai special fiber co., ltd. held the 2018 annual summary and recognition conference on january 21, 2019.the main purpose of the meeting is to commend advanced collectives and individuals, to sum up the work of the past year and to look ahead to the new year. the conference presented merit awards for the 10th and 15th anniversary employees and arranged corresponding recuperation activities for them. meanwhile, honor the top 10 excellent employees, advanced teams, advanced collective, innovative model and labor model awards and reward generous bonuses.


      advanced staff representatives spoke at the conference, and their speeches stirred up waves in my heart. time flew, and fifteen years past. the scene of touching the first spandex was in memory, but the youth has been the gray. "it’s zhongbai that ties us, from all over china, together." "zhongbai is as warm as home." these simple words won warm applause. indeed, zhongbai is like a bond to tie us together, and mr. lyu baisong, the president, also help the staff in need, he firmly believes that only if the staff is better, the enterprise will stand tall and form a positive energy cycle.


 xu aijun, the general manager, made a summary of his work in 2018. he described and analyzed the current state of the spandex industry. now the problem we will face is not how to go, but how to live. in the past year or not, whether we do the right or not, we should work hard for the company in the new year.


in the end, mr. lyu baisong, made a concluding speech. the company was founded 16 years ago, with nearly 1/3 employees working in the company for more than 10 years. these excellent and diligent employees have been working hard for more than 10 years in their posts, and the company has successfully developed vline, soft spandex, and become the second company to have this technology after lycra, which got a high degree of attention in the industry. the successful development of new products has made an important contribution to the sustainable development of the company. mr. lyu, the president, reviewed the work of the past year, pointed out the shortcomings, put forward corresponding improvement measures and made a new outlook and arrangement for 2019 from three aspects:

first, take comfortable spandex as the grasp, realize the product upgrade and the enterprise transformation. the annual sales target of new products is 2500 tons, new products sales revenue of more than rmb1 one hundred million.

second, strengthen team building, streamline redundant staff, improve organizational efficiency, increase training, and improve cadres' ability to perform their duties and staff's operational skills.

third, strengthen the construction of corporate culture, enrich the leisure time cultural and entertainment activities, and improve the sense of belonging, sense of mission and sense of responsibility.


       the conference came to a close in lyu's passionate speech. after each staff left orderly, the company arranged the vehicle to the dinner place. the dinner was held at the hotel of yongtai, where mr. lyu made a toast and gave them an early happy new year wishes. at the same time, the wonderful programs organized by our company stand out among the many participating programs, winning the honor of the first and second runners. this is not only a joy, but also a good omen for the success of zhongbai company in 2019. i believe the company will be able to stand out in the industry and become the benchmark of the industry.

2019 has arrived, zhongbai is full of passion and confidence, stride on a new journey to achieve a new leap. believe our tomorrow will be better!