staff running, inspiring body and mind!-世界杯买球攻略

staff running, inspiring body and mind!

staff running in yuecheng district was rounded off on december 23,2018. with the spirit offriendship first, competition second”,zhejiang zhongbai specical fiber co., ltd ranks the 11th in this race.

in the morning, it is drizzling and the cold air runs through the nostrils to the body. at 7:40, the staffs of the lake-circle running race board the bus and set out at the starting point of the didang lake. after a short warm-up, the sponsor announces the starting. zhongbai staffs briskly holding the flag, line up to the starting point. after the sound of the gunfire, the zhongbai staffs follow the banner and run forward. as the only team to run with a flag, the flying flag not only inspires the zhongbai employees to run forward, but also be amazed by the other teams. our team supports and encourages each other, and exchanges flags to the end. the whole progress conveys the belief that we are family, with practical action. there are many friends who have never run 5 km, however, they insist on the completion of the entire race.


during the race, what impresses me is a remark made by lin fang, president of the trade union, “keep running without walking. although i run slowly, i have never stopped. it is persistence. the same goes for doing things.” she said. lake race is just an activity, but also you can enjoy shaoxing scenery along the way and see many running people. you can get a gift after the completion of the race. maybe the body is suffering, but the mentality has been improved to a higher level. after the race, all staffs get not only gifts, but also unity and persistence!


hope that in the next activity, zhongbai can achieve better achievements, and harvest more spiritual understanding. in each activity, all zhongbai staffs can convey everyone the spirit special fiber, infinite.