our company organizes staff outgoing tour group construction activities-世界杯买球攻略

our company organizes staff outgoing tour group construction activities

       according to the company's annual activity plan, in order to thank all employees for their hard work, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and the ability of teamwork among employees, our company organizes a tour group building activity for employees. after intensive preparatory work, this year's tour group construction activities were carried out in three batches: the five-day tour of xishuangbanna, yunnan province,  one from november 9 to 13, the other from november 18 to 22, and the five-day tour of yazhuang, vietnam, from november 20 to 25. through the tour group building activities, the staff can not only experience and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, but also enhance the cohesion of the team. this activity has achieved good expected results.


        during the five-day tour in xishuangbanna, the staff of zhongbai left their figures in yexianggu valley, primitive forest park and aini mountain village. the most impressive thing is the starting point of the ancient tea-horse road, making a pot of pu'er tea, going to the city's greasy taste, and walking leisurely in the tea hills all over the country. the breeze and bird song replaced the city's traffic, pushing the door of history slightly, tracing the leisureness of history. that's what we say the greatest truths are the simplest.


        arrive at the national port of daluo, take photos with the country, and buy some rare specialties in the port, add a touch of color to the prosperity of the port. experience the traditional dai pottery making and sugar pressing techniques in the dai villages along the border between china and myanmar. listen to sao duoli, the dai family, tell a joke about the educated youth, learn a few local dai languages, and some people laugh because of their poor tone. it is also quiet and dynamic, natural and humane, which is probably the understanding of this land in the past five days. during these five days in xishuangbanna, the employees of zhongbai have been very relaxed and get along more harmoniously.


       similarly, the staff of zhongbai who traveled abroad in vietnam also enjoyed the sunshine, enjoyed fresh tropical fruits and juices, traveled on the waves, and sometimes picked up some shells and corals for their own memory. we are tired of playing at the seaside and scenic spots, and we have a big seafood dinner waiting for you. indoor is the warm light, outdoor is the blue sky and sea, the table is a rich seafood dinner, hands are glasses of beer, ears are laughter.


       sunshine, beach, waves, gothic architecture and seafood meals are all enjoyable. through this outing, the staff of different departments have established deeper friendship and get along better with the staff of different departments. employees in these team activities, starting from the overall situation and helping each other, believe that in the future they can also make better collaboration and progress, which is also the original intention of organizational activities.

      it is the company's value concept that enterprises and employees grow together. with the efforts of all employees, zhongbai will go further and further, standing like a pine and cypress in the industry. the annual tour group building activities are over. which place will we go to next year to carry out our tour group building activities in picturesque and delicious places? i am looking forward to it again!