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what are the advantages of the original spandex clothes?

now many clothes contain chemical fiber, for example, many people wear down jackets and so on, are made of spandex, so, here, it is estimated that many people do not understand spandex, this chemical fiber clothes are so popular, because what is special about them?
the biggest advantage of spandex fabrics is good elasticity, can stretch 5-8 times, not aging, spandex can not be woven alone, generally woven together with other raw materials, spandex ratio of about 3-10%, swimsuit fabric spandex ratio of 20%. spandex fibers have high elongation at break (400%), low modulus and high resilience. chinese name of multi block polyurethane fiber. also known as elastic fibers. polyurethane fiber has high elongation (500%-700%), low elastic modulus (200% elongation, 0.04-0.12 g/denier) and high elastic recovery (200% elongation, 95%-99%).
in addition to higher strength, other physical and mechanical properties are very similar to natural latex fibers. it is more resistant to chemical degradation than latex yarn, and has moderate thermal stability. the softening temperature is above 200 c. most dyes and finishing agents for synthetic and natural fibers are also suitable for dyeing and finishing of polyurethane fibers. spandex is resistant to sweat, seawater and various dry cleaners and most sunscreen. long-term exposure to sunlight or chlorine bleach can also fade, but the degree of fading varies greatly with the type of spandex.
polyurethane fiber is a kind of polyurethane fiber. because of its excellent elasticity, it is also called elastic fiber. it has been widely used in clothing fabrics and has high elasticity.
spandex fabrics are mainly used in the manufacture of tights, sportswear, protective belts and soles. it can be divided into warp and weft elastic fabric, weft elastic fabric and warp and weft bidirectional elastic fabric.