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what are the applications of spandex in our life?

spandex is widely used in our life, such as down jacket, is made of spandex, used to knit underwear with pure cotton raw materials, after washing the elasticity is not seen, three deformation, neither warm, nor beautiful. since the advent of polyurethane fiber, knitted underwear three-rib selection of input bare polyurethane fiber weaving technology, greatly improving the elasticity of the three. as a result, all kinds of spandex fabrics have been continuously applied in elastic underwear, match suits, body-building clothes and so on.
but the bare spandex yarn is usually fed from the weft to the fabric, so most spandex fabrics have good elasticity in the weft, and the warp elasticity is not too big, so the clothing is not very close to the body. with the application of covering yarn technology, the two-way elasticity of clothing fabric has been greatly improved. the clothes not only embody the curve beauty of the human body, especially the beauty lover, but also wear comfortable and beautiful. at present, it is mainly used to manufacture men's and women's underwear, body-building clothes, sportswear, competition clothes, leisure clothes and so on, the development prospects are very promising, so that everyone's wearing grade is further advanced.
polyamide wrapped spandex, polyester wrapped spandex yarn fabric, with very good elasticity, wear resistance, brilliant color, its washing and sunlight fastness, durable. it is an ideal fabric for making swimsuits, race suits, training clothes, sportswear, training clothes, cycling clothes and other clothing. nowadays, whether it is a well-known international brand, or other clothing manufacturers, will take it as the preferred cloth for the production of sports clothing series, its goods throughout the world.
because silk has outstanding handle, high permeability, high moisture absorption, coupled with spandex outstanding elasticity, therefore, the silk-wrapped spandex clothing made of a high level of commodities. the fabric has become the first choice for beautiful women. it has outstanding wearing comfort, slippery feel and skin-friendly, high permeability, high perspiration, moisture absorption, but also can fully show the beauty of women's body curve. especially for summer clothing to provide quality fabrics.