ma yun said: the future textile manufacturing industry will become a high-世界杯买球攻略

ma yun said: the future textile manufacturing industry will become a high-end service industry.

at the recently concluded world congress on artificial intelligence 2018, ma yun again mentioned the relationship between manufacturing and services. he thinks:
the future manufacturing industry is not only the manufacturing industry, but also the perfect combination of manufacturing industry and service industry. the competitiveness of the future manufacturing industry is not the manufacturing itself, but the service and experience behind the manufacturing. the future manufacturing industry is the service industry, because most of the workers on the assembly line will be replaced by machines, and the human part, experience. part of it can not be replaced. "
in the future, the manufacturing industry will depend on the data, and the new manufacturing will develop in the developed areas of service industry and service industry. the focus of the future manufacturing industry is not to introduce capital, but to introduce knowledge and talents. "in the next 10 to 15 years, the pain of traditional manufacturing will be far greater than today's imagination, and it will be difficult for companies to survive if they do not transform from scale, standardization to personalization and intelligence. successful manufacturing industry in the future must be a good use of intelligent technology enterprises, because not the use of intelligent technology enterprises, will be all into the field of failure.

-- ma yun's speech

as early as last year's wuzhen internet conference, ma yun put forward the view that the future of manufacturing must be a service industry. ma yun believes that there is no distinction between the service sector and the manufacturing sector in the future. the service industry must be the manufacturing industry, the manufacturing industry must be the service industry, the era of pure manufacturing will become weaker and weaker, the future development of artificial intelligence, manufacturing employment will have a huge impact, all our services must be manufacturing industry.
the manufacturing industry without internet is hopeless. of course, the internet without manufacturing is even more hopeless. manufacturing without the internet, i think these manufacturing industries will collapse very quickly, without the manufacturing internet, i think it is also a castle in the air.
manufacturing must learn to embrace the internet. made in china and made in usa will no longer exist in the future. made in internet will be the manufacturing industry in the future. manufacturing, manufacturing as a trend of employment has passed.

-- ma yun's speech

manufacturing and service industries can not only be pure industry activities, the trend of manufacturing services and service products has become increasingly prominent, to a large extent, subverted the concept of traditional manufacturing and traditional services. the integration of service industry and manufacturing industry is an important trend of global industrial development. the new generation of information, artificial intelligence and other technology breakthroughs, integration and penetration and wide application are triggering innovation and upgrading of the service industry, and making the industrial boundaries increasingly blurred, integration and development trend more obvious, which puts forward new requirements and challenges for the service industry and manufacturing industry to promote mutual progress.
in the "smile curve", the middle is manufacturing, the left and right are r&d and marketing, r&d and marketing belong to producer services. in the industrial chain, the regions with the most abundant value concentrate on r&d and market, and the manufacturing added value in the middle link is the lowest. under the guidance of the concept of added value, the wisdom of the enterprise is constantly moving and positioning to the high value-added areas in order to achieve sustainable development and sustainable operation, which also means that the manufacturing enterprises will be driven by the interests of the leading producer services close. in order to seek the value-added of the whole industrial value chain, the service industry will gradually extend the industrial chain, relying on its advantages in r&d, design, management, sales channels and other aspects, choose to marry with manufacturing enterprises, close to each other, integration.
with the further development of global value chain, global service industry and industry have shown distinct essential characteristics. on the one hand, the production of industrial products into more and more services as an intermediate input factor, and in the process of product consumption also need to consume a large number of complementary services, industry will gradually develop to service; on the other hand, the manufacturing of the service industry is becoming increasingly prominent, service will get rid of the past small mode of production and integration more industrialized production methods, thereby improving the scale economy and productivity of the service sector, to a certain extent, to overcome the service sector has long been criticized by the industry as "low efficiency" problem.
at present, china is faced with the important task of industrial structure adjustment and transformation of new and old energy. against this background, the integration and development of service industry and manufacturing industry is highly regarded. in the future, there may be fewer and fewer manufacturing enterprises that are not related to the service sector. even if there are some left, the competitiveness of the enterprises may be worse, and more will be the integration of manufacturing and service industries. in the general trend of integration of manufacturing and service industries, whether you are in manufacturing or service industries, especially producer services, you should be ready to seize the opportunity.