the 38 quarter goes to jiangnan small jiuzhai to be a woman listening to the rain.-世界杯买球攻略

the 38 quarter goes to jiangnan small jiuzhai to be a woman listening to the rain.

in 1910, socialist international held the first international women's conference in copenhagen, denmark. at the meeting, clara zetkin, leader of the german women's movement, proposed to set a day as international women's day, which was responded positively by delegates. on march 19, 1911, more than one million people in austria, denmark, germany and switzerland celebrated international women's day.
before that, groups of female employees took to the streets to protest, and their bravery was replaced by the beauty of today. as time goes on, celebrating women's day on march 8th is not only political, but also more about caring for women.
turning to the pages of history, sitting on the bus to the little jiuzhai in the south of the yangtze river, quietly watching the drizzle outside the window. "a small building listens to spring rain all night, and alley sells flowers in the ming dynasty." lu you, the poet, was once lonely on the way to depose, listening to the rain and sorrow all night long, but now a tranquil woman is leaning against the railings and listening to the dripping rain. a smile on her eyes makes the spring look a little worse. at this time, the irritability of rainy weather was swept away in her mind, and only that smile lasted a long time. lingering. a woman is so quiet and beautiful even if she is a woman and has become a mother.


at the beginning of spring, though a little steep, the withered branches were dotted with green buds, and the pavilion was not so lonely even without wild cranes. three groups of chinese cypress women with their families and children, laughter and laughter from far and near, for the pavilion added a bit of anger.


further forward is the clear water of taihu lake. the fresh and cold air after the rain makes people feel refreshed and comfortable. the source of the east river, the main river of the taihu river system, is called "little jiuzhaigou". the vegetation coverage rate of the scenic spot is 98%. the wild landscape plants are all over the mountains and wilderness. the scenery of the four seasons is charming. it is also a paradise for wildlife. there are many national key protected animals, such as black muntjac, macaque and so on. cliff cliffs in the scenic area, green trees, shady flowers, qingxi song, hanging waterfall flying, the original nature. watching the dancing of the water, like the woman who leaned against the fence and listened to the rain, put on the sleeves of qingyi and dance lightly. it makes people feel lost.


finally, the sound of the shutter rang, and the little jiuzhaigou trip to the south of the yangtze river was over. rain has stopped, in addition to the woman leaning against the railings to listen to the rain deeply impressed in my heart, there are also different scenery, different experiences are deeply impressed in my heart.