this lantern festival, i want to listen to the sound of the wind.-世界杯买球攻略

this lantern festival, i want to listen to the sound of the wind.

the lantern festival, originally meant "on the night of the lantern festival", because on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the main activity of "shangyuan festival" is to enjoy the moon at night by eating tangyuan. later, the name of the festival evolved into "lantern festival". on the night of the lantern festival, the streets and alleys are decorated with lanterns. people enjoy the lanterns, guess lantern riddles and eat the lantern festival. the celebrations that began on new year's eve are pushed to another climax and become a custom for generations. the lantern festival in the early formation of the festival, only known as the 15th day of the first month, the half moon or the moon, after the sui dynasty called the lantern festival or the new year's eve. the early tang dynasty was influenced by taoism, also known as the shang yuan. but since the song dynasty, it has also been called "lamp eve". in the qing dynasty, it was also called the lantern festival. in foreign countries, yuanxiao is also known as the lantern festival.

on the lantern festival, children cheer during their vacation, and the office workers snack up a bowl of hot dumplings in the cold wind and set off on their way to work. the employees of zhong bai came to the office early, and their faces were just like the happiness that had not yet faded after the end of the year. there is a different tea party today. guess lantern riddles? no, no, no! this yuanxiao also wants to listen to the sound of the wind.


"happy running" runs happily, and runs younger. the cypress, who participated in the running, started running in a sports suit. the sound of the wind in the ear is light and heavy. in this not too early or too late period of time, di dang this path has been the chinese cypress this "yue run" activity contracted. open view, fresh air, people can not help but quicken the pace to see what the destination has more beautiful scenery.


the unknown is both frightening and expecting. the fear is that you can't achieve what you want, and that you want to achieve what you want. so don't be afraid to take a hard step forward, even if you don't get there, but at least the scenery along the way has made you feel good. run ahead, take your ideals and the flag of china and cypress, and listen to the wind of your ears and run away.