2017, zhong bai has arrived, please check it!-世界杯买球攻略

2017, zhong bai has arrived, please check it!

employee: eh? what activities are there today? xiao bian: sit down, today's annual summary commendation, after the end of the new year's eve dinner, there are more spring festival entertainment party waiting for everyone to participate, participate in activities and good gifts!


the conference room was neatly furnished with many busy figures, and the festive red covered the entire conference room. it was a slow pace of approaching, and the fruits of a busy year waiting for the staff to pick.


after the employees sit down, the first is to commend the excellent team and staff, the microphone reported a good team, then the company leader for this year's advanced team awards, the red certificate paper is a recognition of employees'hard work for a year, but also the honor of a team.


at the end of the award, general manager xu aijun made a brief summary report on the work of this year, and representatives of the advanced team made a simple speech on their own and work. at the end of the meeting, chairman lu baisong made an analysis and comparison of the year's sales work, reviewed the year's work, and put forward the shortcomings of the year's work. "a man is not a good sage." only after correcting deficiencies once and again can we continue to move forward and become experts in a field. people are like that, and so are businesses.


the conclusion of the year is the prospect for the new year. after the meeting, the staff sat in the arranged banquet hall one after another. chairman lu baisong gave a simple toast to the party, and the party officially began.


as magic, fashion shows, singing and other programs continue to promote, as well as huawei mini speakers, rolley luxury four-piece set awards, the atmosphere has reached its climax. the most anticipated first prize winner of huawei's mat10 handset was later unveiled, and chairman lui baisong personally presented the prize.

the annual summary and evening party are the affirmation of the employees who have worked hard for a year, and also the affirmation of the company itself. in the new year, received the best wishes, harvest the results of their efforts, we will continue to face ourselves, and strive to go further and further along the road. finally, xiaobian wishes you all a happy new year by embracing the great gift you have won.