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zhongbai vline brand is a high performance sports fiber brand, which is characterized by soft tension, high scalability and high recovery, which can make the clothing more comfortable and fit the body curve completely. it is a comfortable spandex fiber that endows the fabric with unparalleled elasticity.
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comfortable underwear
1. tight underwear, it is more convenient to wear;
2. comfortable fit, no binding pressure;
3. body shaping clothing, high elasticity and tight fitting, shaping perfect curve.
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professional sports
1. is suitable for tight fitting sportswear which is easier to wear and wear;
2. provide strong package for muscles, reduce sports fatigue and injury;
3. excellent low temperature scalability, even at low temperatures, providing enough flexibility.
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1. for socks, easy to wear and durable,
2. high elastic tights and tights are easier to wear;
3. it can replace natural latex.
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medical supplies
1. varicose socks;
2. gradient pressure stockings;
3. easy to wear tight protective gear;
4. tight stockings and bandages for surgery and hospitalization.
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material for material
1. good rewinding performance to ensure smooth operation;
2. high resilience ensures free movement, no restraint and no leak detection;
3. low content can also provide the same elasticity, greatly saving production costs.
fit fiber treatment technology
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